Four Antique Diamond Shapes for the 1980’s Spring Market Week Shows

It was a beautiful, fall day in New York City, and I was just finishing a personal appearance at the Saks 5th Avenue flagship store in the city. When visiting in New York, I would always try to take a different route coming and going to the hotel to give me a chance to explore more of the city. On this day, feeling a little tired and anxious to get back to the hotel, I decided to take the shortest route, which was walking straight down 5th Ave., the same street on which Tiffany’s is located.

Spring market week was quickly approaching, and I had already been called by a couple of my showrooms asking when my spring sample line was arriving.  I did not have the slightest idea as I really had not designed anything as of yet. It had been a very busy season and it had been all I could do to keep up with the orders, run my workshop, make personal appearances, stay in touch with customers and collect bills! Remember, this was the time before cell phones, internet, and credit cards! It was a challenge!

Always curious about design, I slowed down as I approached Tiffany’s and stopped to look in the window. The store was closed but in the window was an advertisement of the current show, which was of antique diamonds, with a few examples in the window. I took one look at the tiny, intricate shapes in the window and flash of light went off in my head! What if I just updated these lovely shapes and made them more contemporary and fashionable? What if I made sets, necklaces with earrings to match? And there it was, clear as the diamonds themselves, my spring line!

Of all the jewelry that I have designed, this group proved to be one of the most popular and enduring.  Expertly hand- crafted, and hand-dyed in the current fashion shades, these pieces have not only stood the test of time but are the most recognizable and identifiable in the vintage market. Both the necklaces and earrings, at the time retailed between $55 to $75. Today, the necklaces retail between $800 to $1,500, and the earrings, the same, if, you can find them!

Do you have a set, a necklace, or earrings? If so, and if you would be like to be showcased on our website, please send us a picture of you, in your Judith Hendler creation, and we will post it.

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To All My Friends and Collectors

To all my Friends and Collectors-
I have chosen during this difficult time to share with you, rather than jewelry stories, some of the quotes that I have turned to in other stressful moments.
I hope that these quotes are helpful to you and give you something to hang on to in these uncertain times. Please feel free to pass them along.
May you be well, may you be safe, may you pass your kindness on to others.
Love, Judith

Thank You Fashion Design Class at Orange Coast College, OCC Fashion!

Thank you, Lauren and Christina, for inviting me to speak to the students of the Fashion Design class at Orange Coast College.  I really enjoyed the experience and meeting the students!

The students will be competing in a design competition that will utilize one of 3 of my necklaces for inspiration. The winners will be showcased and awarded cash prizes at the Huntington Beach Art Center show opening on April 25th, 2020. Please join us for an exciting evening. All are welcome! Check back for more details as the time gets closer.

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Thank You, Sandy Kaufmann, For These Wonderful Pictures – You Look Stunning!

If you would like to have your picture posted, just send me a picture in your Judith Hendler Jewelry and I will!

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Collage for a Cause

Please join me in helping to support the Huntington Beach Art Center which serves to bring a wide variety of classes and exhibits to the community . I will be facilitating classes at the Art Center on both August 3 & 10th from 10:30 am – 1:30 pm. 

Hope to see you, come join the fun!!!  

To register or receive more information go to:

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What a Wonderful Gift Get Yours Today!

What a wonderful 35th Anniversary gift Holly Van Epps received from her husband! Doesn’t she look stunning!  Thank you Holly for sharing these wonderful pictures and your support towards The Alexander Family Foundation, Inc.

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Collaborating with the Alexander Family Foundations, Inc: Exclusive Circle of Light Neck Collar and Commemorative Medallion

Hello Friends and Collectors!

I am pleased to announce, in my returning, my collaboration with the Alexander Family Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization in Chicago, that has been created for the sole purpose of helping fund other charities that provide education, health, and environmental awareness to the community at large.

In celebration of the launching of the foundation and to help fund it, I have created the Circle of Light neck collar, which will be available exclusively through the Alexander Family Foundation, Inc. Along with the collar and for the June 22, 2019 launch, I have also created a commemorative medallion, of which there are only 24.

The design of the medallion has now been retired and no further pieces will be made. The AFF commemorative medallion is hand-forged from sterling silver, with a clear, acrylic sphere suspended from the center. The AFF commemorative medallion is hallmarked on the back with my logo and was made to fit on the Circle of Light neck collar. The medallion, as the collar, will be available exclusively through the AFF website.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these items, please visit

Hope that you will join me in supporting this very worthwhile endeavor!

Wishing you all the best,

Judith Hendler


Judith Hendler Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

I’m excited to share that my Judith Hendler earring style #120 are featured in the March 2017 Cosmopolitan magazine. Shown with a red surmount, these earrings are capturing attention!