Jewelry Identification

What Makes Judith Hendler Jewelry

The Judith Hendler Jewelry line has stood the test of time, proving that good design does have a timeless elegance.

Made in small hand-crafted quantities in the very late ‘70’s, ‘80’s and early ‘90’s and sold only in select, upscale department stores and boutiques has stamped the Judith Hendler Jewelry line with collectability moving it from fashion to costume, from stores to the museum.

Beginning a new chapter of design in 2011, the line looks to remain a collectible. Going forward, designs will be produced only in small, limited quantities, all being signed and numbered where possible. The necklace that was made for CJCI is the first of the new women’s lines.

Is It a Judith Hendler?

In an effort to help you identify a piece of Judith Hendler Jewelry we have put together some information that you can use as a guide. If you are not sure or still have questions, please email us at: