Maya Horikawa: 1st Place


“Imortal Jelly Fish”

Maya Horikawa grew up in Southern California, and spent most of her
earlier life as a violinist traveling through a creative kaleidoscope of colors,
cultures, and art. From 2006-2012 she lived in Europe, where she received
her music degrees from conservatories in Germany, and Belgium and
found her love for fashion art. Her blog, Talk Fashion , which was a
jumbled mess of ideas, explored her intrapersonal relationship with fashion
and art. From the Blog, a YouTube channel was born, TALKFASHION TV.
Her final videos were a 10 part YouTube series called. TRASHION. The
series challenged her to create 10 gowns in 10 weeks all made from
discarded materials found in people’s trash.
She is currently studying fashion design at Saddleback College .